Our Menu

This is our menu from 1 June. We love to welcome you on our terras or in our restaurant. Please make a reservation through the website or by phone 0206751866

At the moment our menu is smaller than you are used to from us. We also hope that we can quickly return to the old situation and offer you all our delicious dishes again.


  • Yoghurt — 5
    Granola, dried banana, honey
  • Grilled cheese sandwich — 6
  • Grilled ham & cheese sandwich — 7
  • Scrambled Eggs— 14
    Choice of cheese, Serrano ham or smoked salmon
  • 10 O’Clock selection — 15
    Yoghurt, cruesli, fried egg, bacon, brioche toast, cheese, jam, butter
  • Toast — 5
    Jam, cheese, butter


  • Shrimp croquettes (3pc)  — 15
    White or brown bread, wasabi mayonnaise, lemon, fried parsley
  • Veal croquettes (2pc)  — 11
    White or brown bread, French mustard
  • 12 O’Clock — 15
    Baguette with salmon, horseradish cream, veal croquette,
    tomato soup
  • Caesar sandwich — 14
    Multigrain bread, kip, egg, anchovy, Parmesan cheese, lettuce
  • Sea duo— 17
    Bisque, shrimp croquettes Holtkamp (2pcs)
  • Scrambled eggs  — 14
    Choice of smoked salmon, Serrano ham or cheese

À la carte

  • Baguette with salted butter — 5
    • Baguette Deluxe — 10
      Tapenade, Pesto, Serrano ham, aioli


  • Escargots — 16
    ½ a dozen, garlic herb butter, spring onions and Old Amsterdam
  • Spéciales Geay 3 p.c. • 6 p.c.–12 • 24
    Sauce Mignonette
  • Steak Tartare — 18
    Shallot, capers, cornichons, parsley, anchovies, toast
  • Oriental asparagus salad — 14
    Bell pepper, cashew nuts, sesame, green bean
  • Bisque— 16
    Spring onions, rouille , toast, crayfish tail
  • Burrata — 15
    Tomato salad, basil cream, crouton
  • Tomato soup— 7.50
    Old Amsterdam cheese, spring onion


  • Caesar Salad — medium 16 large–23
    Chicken, egg, Parmesan, croutons, anchovies
  • Oriental asparagus salad — medium 14 large–21
    Bell pepper, cashew nuts, sesame, green bean

Main courses

  • Fried turbotine (550 gr.) — 39
    Pommes château, seasonal vegetables, capers, shallot, parsley
  • Cod fillet — 25
    Pommes château, seasonal vegetables, yellow curry sauce
  • Steak Tartare Frites & salade – 26
    Shallot, capers, cornichons, parsley, anchovies, toast
  • Angus beef burger — 20
    Cheddar cheese, bacon, fried onion, French fries, bacon mayonnaise
  • Rib eye (250 gr.)– 30
    Pommes château, seasonal vegetables, hollandaise sauce
  • Ravioli filled with spinach, ricotta— 22
    Sage, almond, garlic
  • Classic Zeeland mussels — 26
    Garlic sauce, cocktail sauce, French fries, salad


  • Cheese platter — 15
    Selection of 3 cheeses by Lindenhoff, nut figs bread
  • Chocolate Moelleux-– 10
    Raspberry sorbet
  • Amarena cherry tartelette— 10
    Yogurt ice cream, mascarpone cream
  • Bonbon from Martinez chocolatier — 2
    Dark, milk or white

Take away

Our entire menu can also be taken with the exception of the Escargots, Classic Zeeland mussels, Pan fried Tarbotine, Chocolate Moelleux and Amarena cherry tartelette.


We currently do not have a Keyzerlijk menu. As soon as we are allowed to run on full tours again, monthly changing Keyzerlijk menu will be served.

If you still want to enjoy a menu that is not on our card with your group, you can always contact us by mail info@brasseriekeyzer.nl or by phone 020 6751866

Banquetingmenu for groups larger than 7 guests
2 course € 44,- | 3 course € 51,-

  • Carpaccio of beef
    truffle mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and pine nuts
    Spring onions, rouille , toast, crayfish tail
    Grilled vegetables
    truffle mayonnaise, and garlic croutons
  • ***
  • Sea bass
    mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and lemon beurre blanc
    mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables and pepper sauce
    Truffle risotto
    fresh mushrooms and coleslaw
  • ***
  • Chocolate tart 
    salted caramel
    Cheese platter
    composed by Lindenhof with apple-balsamic syrup and kletzenbread