Yogurt €5,-
granola, dried banana, honey

Cheese sandwich €6,-

Sandwich ham & cheese €7,-

Scrambled eggs €14,-
with a choice of cheese, Serrano ham or smoked salmon

Toast €5,-
jam, cheese, butter


Shrimp croquettes Holtkamp (3pcs) €15,-
White or brown bread, wasabi mayonnaise, lemon, fried parsley

Veal croquettes Holtkamp (2pcs) €11,-
White or brown bread, French mustard

Sea duo €17,-
Bisque, shrimp croquettes Holtkamp (2pcs)

Toast salmon €14,-
Brioche, remoulade sauce, capers

Meat sandwich €12,-
Served in its own gravy, mustard, Amsterdam sour

12 hours €15,-
Salmon baguette, horseradish cream, veal croquette sandwich and tomato soup

À la carte

Bread with salted butter €5,-

Bread Deluxe €10
baguette, sun-dried tomato tapenade, pesto dip, Serrano ham, aioli


Creuses 3 pc • 6 pc. €12,- • €24,-
sauce Mignonette

Beetroot carpaccio €12,-
Tarragon cream, Pecorino

Steak Tartar €18,-
shallot, capers, cornichons, parsley, anchovies, toast

Gambas piri piri €15,-
olive oil, garlic, onion, red pepper

Escargot €16,-
½ dozen vineyard snails, garlic herb butter, spring onion and Old Amsterdam

Bisque €16,-
spring onion, rouille, crouton, crayfish tails

Smoked Trout €15,-
lamb’s lettuce, remoulade

Beef carpaccio €15,-
truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese

Tomato soup €9,-
old cheese, chives, crème frache


Caesar Salad (m) €16,- (l) €23,-
chicken, egg, Parmesan, croutons, anchovy

Vegetarian salad (m) €16,- (l) €23,-
blue cheese, pear, walnuts, balsamic dressing

Main Courses

Sole (approx. 450 gr.) €49,-
with fried potatoes, salad and remoulade sauce

Asparagus salmon €28,-
baby potatoes, egg, butter sauce

Asparagus flamande €28,-
baby potatoes, egg, butter sauce

Tournedos €34,-
with fries, seasonal vegetables and pepper sauce

Steak Tartar €26,-
with shallot, capers, cornichons, parsley, anchovies and toast

Sea bass €26,-
seasonal vegetables, lemon beurre blanc

Veal stew €28,-
baby potatoes, salad

Stuffed eggplant €22,-
tomato sauce, Parmesan, fries, salad

Ravioli filled with ricotta €23,-
with sage butter and Pecorino


Holtkamp bonbon
€2.50 each

Coupe Keyzer €10,-
brandled raisins, vanilla ice cream, eggnog liquor, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Passion fruit crème brûlée €10

Dark chocolate mousse €10
vanilla sauce

Cheese platter €15,-
a selection of 4 cheeses from Lindenhoff with nut fig bread

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